Ju Marconato Drum Solo Performance

Amazing drum solo performance by Juliana. Ms Marconato’s costume is electrifying and gorgeous. Check out her cool footwork at 1:10. It is very Samba like and wow is she fast 😉 Ju also has amazing core isolation and control. Ju is such a great dancer don’t you think? Click ‘Like’ if you enjoyed her dance.  

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Kami & Kae Duet Tribal Style Belly Dance

The awesome Kami and Kae performing a lovely drum solo duet. These gals are amazing and they have supreme hip control. Love the playfulness of Kae at 1:59. Very cute 😉 Their routine is so energetic, full of color, energy and love! If you love the energetic music, it is called Hit the Bottles by Susu Pampanin. It is the third song in the album. Great music for drum solo belly dance performances. Hands on Time: Bellydance Drum Music Old Price: […]

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Thalita Menezes Tribal Fusion Bellydance

The gorgeous Thalita Menezes performs an awesome tribal fusion belly dance. The music is called ‘Egyptic’ by Beats Antique. Thalita’s movements are incredible fluid and sensual! Her intensity in her performance is amazing. This video would have been much better if it wasn’t zoomed in so tightly. A lot of her styling and movements were cut off. Nevertheless, still an amazing performance! If you like this video, click the ‘Like’ button and share the video with your friends.

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Intermediate Belly Dance Choreography By Saffron

Watch this lovely intermediate to advance belly dance choreography by Saffron. A light hearted choreography that was put together for intermediate to advance level class to the Turkish pop song Kuzu Kuzu by Tarkan. Saffron does a great job showing the performance. The music is very upbeat and fast so if you are a beginner, this should just be for something to strive for in the future. Love her combinations in her choreography. Amazing hip movements as well. Click ‘Like’ […]

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Beautiful Sword Dance By Irina

Irina’s belly dance performance with the sword is pure gold. She shows how a sensual sword dance is being done. Just amazing!!! I love the sensual music that is being performed to. Irina dances with grace and beauty! If you love the dance style of Irina, you will love her Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Workout Video. Click the image below and get your own copy of her DVD! The Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Workout, with Irina: Belly dancing classes; Tribal […]

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Mercedes Nieto – Drum Solo

Mercedes Nieto has great styling in her drum solo performance. She is a very strong dancer. Mercedes has a lovely smile that shines! Her costume is warm and earthy. Click ‘Like’ if you enjoyed Mercedes’ performance. Like the dance and love the music? Click on the image below and you will be directed to the song for this performance. The album has 12 songs and the song in this performance is called “Fatafiti – Tabla Solo” by Ibrahim Abu Hassan. It […]

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